10 Things Women Lie About Most Often On Dates

What do women lie about on dates? 

  1. The main thing both men and women lie about on dates is the number of sexual partners in their lives. Researchers believe that in this way people are afraid to lower the degree of promising romance at the expense of judgement or, conversely, derision of inexperience. 44.4 percent of women lie to men about the number of their exes.
  2. The second thing women are most likely to lie about on dates is their weight. We don’t know exactly how the subject of weight comes up in a romantic encounter in a theatre or a bar, but if it’s a must-have question, keep in mind: 33.3 percent of women will mislead you about it.
  3. Number three of our lie top is housing conditions. Here everything is clear, the economic situation and urbanization is forcing many even relatively mature people to live in the same house as their parents. Women hide the truth about this in 28.4 percent of cases.
  4. Earnings. 27.2 percent of women would not give a sincere answer to this question. Maybe it is so that the man does not encroach on her hard-earned money, or maybe she just feels embarrassed in front of her partner who is so strong and successful. By the way, women, if you are reading this, know that, according to the same study, 1 in 5 men on dating sites and services blatantly lie about their income.
  5. Many women hide their hobbies (with men it is the fourth most popular lie). It would seem that there is no shame in Pilates, dancing, personal growth training and whatever else women are usually into. However, 23.5 per cent of women are not likely to tell the full truth about their hobbies.
  6. Current relationships are the thing that 19.8 percent of women (and, in case you were wondering, 21.4 percent of men) would lie about. Well, it’s probably understandable here: many do start looking for an alternate airfield while still in a relationship with another person. How ethical that is is not for us to judge.
  7. 18.5 percent of women cited their profession as the thing they would hide on a date. This is the seventh most popular lie.
  8. 13.6 percent of girls are ashamed of their education. It is something they would not talk about on a date with a guy. Maybe it’s because they don’t want to embarrass you with three majors, a degree in neuroscience and a license to fly a helicopter.
  9. Now get ready. Almost 10 percent of girls lie on a date about their full name. They probably want to seem simpler, are shy, or your own name is so ridiculous that they don’t want to traumatize you with a regular one.
  10. Finally, the answer “Other lies” scored 8.6 percent and included some smaller deceptions: problems with past relationships, life plans and having children.

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