Real Man Relaxation — Ice Fishing

Ice fishing is a primordially male entertainment. Nothing beats a fluttering fish in your hands that has just been pulled out from the water. In addition, the taste of a carp caught with his own hand is several times better than that of store products. What can we say about that relaxation, meditative relaxation, which … Read more

Features Of Night Hunting

Professional hunters are well aware of the fact that day and night hunting are somewhat different. In this article we will speak about some peculiarities of nighttime hunting. Peculiarities of night hunting Professional hunters know about several differences between day and night hunting. These differences are connected not only with shortage of natural light, which … Read more

Two Ways to Make Fishing More Successful

Comfortable fishing and excellent conditions for all of its participants are ensured by simple and quick preparation. The efficiency of fishing increases significantly when using an echo sounder. You can experiment and discover new tools to maximize convenience and make your fishing more successful. Take your fish finder with you The efficiency of fishing grows … Read more