How Do You Become The Gentleman Many Girls Dream Of?

Even if you think you’re a brutal male, you have to be able to relate to women. We’ll tell you how to become the prince charming that many girls dream of.

If you’ve noticed that girls don’t agree to a second date with you or refuse the first meeting altogether, it’s time to reconsider your manners of communication and behavior with the ladies. Even if you think you’re a brutal male, you have to be able to relate to women. 

Good and beautiful manners haven’t gone out of fashion. They are still valued by the fair sex. However, many women complain that it is not easy to find a man who would behave like a real gentleman. This is what we want to dedicate the topic of today’s article to. We will tell you how to become the handsome prince that many girls dream of.

Emancipation embracing women – no reason to forget about politeness and good manners

As before, romantic relationships are based on getting the object of your feelings interested, showing your best qualities and charm. If you’re a rude person, the ladies will giggle behind your back or ignore your clumsy attention. Sure, you might be able to get the attention of someone who likes bad boys. But that won’t help build a lasting relationship, and it’s unlikely you’ll get any respect.

It’s a mistake to think that men and women are equal, that she has to pay for herself in a restaurant and accept you for who you are. This attitude towards the beautiful sex leads to a dead end. 

Showing good manners, showing genuine politeness can win her sympathy, trust and a willingness to care. Trust me, you’ll enjoy this much more than playing the bad guy. On a date, wear neat and stylish clothes, hone your manners, get rid of slang and other verbal rubbish.

Be punctual.

A real man will not allow a woman to languish waiting for him to show up. Always show up on time. If you have to, set a reminder on your smartphone or drive to your appointment with a little extra time.

If you do miss your date, it should be for a good reason. Let her know as soon as possible and explain why there’s a hitch. Otherwise, her opinion of you might be damaged. 

Give appropriate compliments.

It’s not said for nothing that women love with their ears. Say that she looks good, praise her for her wit or knowledge in seemingly non-feminine matters – politics, cars, science, etc. However, don’t use trite words or inappropriate compliments. For example, if you’re without an umbrella and it’s raining, messing up her makeup, don’t say how beautiful her makeup is. That would be a failure.

Refrain from criticism, cruel jokes and insults. Even if the criticism is objective, it will offend her and you might not get a second date. There are times when you discover during a meeting that you and she have very different perspectives on life and you begin to feel uncomfortable during the date. In that case, too, you shouldn’t show discontent. As a gentleman, let the date end naturally. 

If you’ve got the Jim Carrey in you, watch yourself so your humour doesn’t get out of hand. After all, some jokes can be taken seriously or taken personally by a girl. 

“Door” etiquette

Always open the door in front of the girl so that she enters first. But don’t accompany the action with typical butler gestures. If the manoeuvre goes smoothly, you’ll feel like a gentleman and she’ll be sure to give you a mental ‘+’. 

The door should not close in front of her. It’s the height of ignorance to walk through first and let the door slam in her face. For a woman, this would be a sure sign of your selfishness; but holding the door and letting her go first is a clear sign of good manners.

Before you sit down, pull back a chair for her.

Pulling back a chair for the lady, you show that her comfort and interests are more important to you than your own. It’s also a beautiful manner that will help you win her affection. 

Don’t pull the chair out from under her abruptly and unexpectedly, you’re not schoolchildren at the desk. If the girl falls down, it will offend her very much, the meeting will end prematurely, and you will remain in her eyes a buffoon.

If you’re having a meal with people, don’t pounce on the food first. Wait until everyone else has eaten. 

Get interested in her life, ask her questions.

Know how to set the pace of the conversation, think of topics she might be interested in ahead of time. Think about what you’re going to ask her. Then the date won’t be shrouded in awkward silence and the conversation will be natural and interesting. 

When dining at a restaurant, don’t talk when your mouth is full of food. During the conversation, keep your back straight and look her in the eye, showing interest. 

Don’t brag about material prosperity or criticise wealthy people. The woman might feel uncomfortable, or she might see you as a braggart or a man who is not satisfied with his life. Your car, your clothes and your wristwatch can tell you about your material well-being. 

You don’t have to be a millionaire to look good. It’s enough to be neatly dressed and groomed.

Pay the bill yourself.

If the waiter brings the bill, and the lady reaches for her wallet, politely but confidently offer to pay for dinner yourself. Of course, this nuance is often controversial, but that’s exactly what a true gentleman would do. 

Back up the girl if she’s in heels or when you’re walking on a bumpy trail

Such a gesture will not only help keep her balanced, but also show you at your best. It doesn’t commit her or you to anything. You’re just showing your manners and politeness. 

When the date comes to an end

Remember to hand the lady her coat if you are about to leave the establishment. Walk down the stairs, if the distance allows, at the same level in her. Outside, walk on the side of the road, keeping your back to her from noisy and puddling cars. 

Be polite and don’t force a kiss or anything more on her. Women quickly lose interest in those who insinuate that they owe something after going to a restaurant. 

And, of course, you shouldn’t tell her about your ex-girlfriends or past love affairs. Even if she doesn’t mention it now, she’ll have a hard time trusting you or deciding to get married in the future if things get serious. 

You don’t need a lot of money or supernatural knowledge of the beautiful sex to behave like a real man. It’s enough to look neat, behave decently, and use our advice, and you’ll look great in a woman’s eyes.

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