How To Impress And Interest A Girl?

The question, it must be said, goes back centuries. All men, sooner or later, ask themselves the same question…

The question, it must be said, goes back through the ages. All men sooner or later ask themselves this question. There seems to be nothing easier. But male and female nature are so different that men still can’t find the answer.

And the answer is quite banal and simple – it must surprise, amaze, capture, invent and make life a fairy tale. But the fairy tale each has its own. Men have been tormenting themselves since ancient times up to this day.

A girl’s interest depends on many factors: her imagination, social status, vision of the world, character, habits, lifestyle, childhood, problems, work, predilections, desires, tastes, ideas of what a fairy tale should be. There can be so many such opportunities, you just have to be very willing to interest the chosen girl.

How to impress and interest a girl?

There are many options for this:

– Give a bouquet of real, not virtual, sent over the Internet, violets;

– Write on the asphalt under her windows the words “I love you!” with phosphorescent paint;

– To send or give personally in hands a huge teddy bunny with a bouquet, balloons, cake, ice cream, confetti or with a funny song, standing under her window, on the day of birth;

– Serve morning coffee in bed if you already have access there;

– Write a romantic letter or note and send it in the mail, but preferably delivered by hand;

– Give the gift of theatre tickets to a favourite show or offer to go on a cruise together;

– Provide unselfish help at a time of need, solve everyday problems: fix a car, fix a coffee maker, hammer a nail, find a school for a child, a tutor, or find a job for a girl;

– Send a postcard with a poem, a cryptic gift or a cryptic note inviting a girl to a romantic dinner or party;

– Suggest a romantic dinner outdoors;

– Show interest in a desired object;

– Express a desire to have a child with her, said after a casual sexual encounter, or suggest marriage;

– To say the simple but very important and necessary three words.

The desire to interest the girl should be positive, unobtrusive and sincere, otherwise it will cause a negative effect.

To interest a girl it is necessary to know her very well: to study her life before a particular man, her desires, aspirations, ideas, vision of the world, preferences, tastes in relation to the male sex. Sources of information, in the age of mass computerization, plenty. And to be near, to a desirable girl, at the right time and in the right place with a corresponding key is already a matter of technique.

Yes, and another question: what do you need it for? The main thing in wanting to interest a girl is the sincerity of your intentions.

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