The Rules of Life From Lionel Messi

Even if you don’t know anything about football, you couldn’t help but hear about Lionel Messi. This person turned the football world upside down and now he is rightfully considered the undisputed king of this sport. Take a minute and learn the rules of life from Lionel Messi.

Messi is an alien that the football world has not yet met. You can treat him and his game in completely different ways, but it is simply impossible not to recognize his greatness and success. The Argentine is a monumental figure for all world sports, such as Messi is no longer and will hardly appear. He is the only one to have won the world’s most prestigious Ballon d’Or award 6 times. He is a wonderful person, a wonderful family man and a successful man – and today we will share with you his success story.

The childhood of a truly great Argentinean was not what we could even imagine. Almost immediately after he got to his feet, Lionel began to drive with his peers around the field with the ball. Even in his childhood, in his ability to handle a round, he surpassed by several heads not only his peers, but also many older children. He always owes this to his grandmother, because it was she who first brought the future football genius to the match. It is to her that Messi now devotes almost every goal scored in the shirt of Barcelona or the Argentine national team.

“When I was very young, we used to go to a small district club. All my brothers and cousins ​​attended it. Everyone went to a different team because everyone was of a different age. My age category was not yet there, because I was one of the youngest. And the guys born in 85 and 86 have already been training. They lacked one more player in the squad, and my grandmother told the coach to take me. “Well, as I take him, he is too small and cannot play,” the coach refused. But my grandmother insisted on her own. Everyone in this club loved her, and the coach still gave me a chance to enter the field. I probably scored 2 goals then. I don’t even remember, because I was still small. This is a story that my grandmother remembered and everyone in my family loves to tell. “

It is not surprising that the innate gift of the young Argentinean was immediately noticed by the best scouts of Argentine and European football clubs. But at one point, everything could change, and if not for the decision of the president of Barcelona, ​​the football world, most likely, would never have known about the Argentine. At the age of 10, the boy was diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency. The leadership of the Spanish grandee, seeing Lionel in action, agreed to cover the costs of the treatment and thus, having signed the contract on a napkin, made, perhaps, the best decision in history.

“Since I was a little boy, I have had to put in a lot of effort and sacrifice many things. I did all this with only one simple goal – I had a dream to succeed thanks to the fact that I love more than anything else, and that is what football was for me. I came to Catalonia at the age of 13, and from the closest people I had only my father. I really missed home. And on the way from Argentina to Catalonia, I had to overcome a lot of psychological problems. “

Not only is the only football field – Lionel Messi, to all his merits, is also a successful and happy family man. He, like almost all football players, met with models, but they never attracted him as much as his childhood friend, whom he later married. Now, the happy couple is raising three sons, and Lionel is perhaps the only successful footballer whose personal life has always been simple and unblemished.

“The last time I cried was when my children were born. Since my first son was born, family has always come first for me. Of course, I love what I do, I love football, and I live it, but the family will always come first. My eldest son Thiago is very interested in football, and very often after tough and unpleasant defeats, I find it hard to restrain my emotions in front of him. But he understands everything, he does not talk about it with me, because he understands how I suffer from defeats. Mateo doesn’t care about it at all, he can even root for my rivals [laughs]. But, no matter how bitter the defeat, my sons and their mother are my happiness.

Messi is a real genius in his field. It was his talent and attitude to everything that surrounds him that made him what we know him now. His success story is impressive, it is worthy of adaptation, but, oddly enough, Lionel himself never chased world fame and success, he just did what he felt a fierce passion for.

“When I won my first Ballon d’Or at 22, it was something unreal for me, I didn’t even try to imagine it. A lot has changed since then, but one thing remains constant – I continue to develop and dream. I try to make myself my best every day. And every day I get endless pleasure from what I do, from football. I am grateful to God that I can do what I love. If God has given me a few more years, I will continue to do this, I will continue to enjoy it. Time flies very quickly, and I don’t know how much I still have, but I have no plans to stop. “

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