Best Tailors in the World: A Tour of Global Craftsmanship

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Finding the best tailors in the world is akin to unearthing hidden gems.

Even for experienced aficionados of custom-made tailoring, the quest can be daunting.

You might think you’ve seen it all – from Savile Row’s dignified establishments to Naples’ relaxed elegance.

But here’s a reality check: The realm of global tailoring is vast and richly varied, boasting talent that extends far beyond these well-trodden paths.

The best tailors in the world, my friend, are not just concentrated in one corner or continent; they span across cultures and time zones.

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The Art and Precision of Bespoke Tailoring

Bespoke tailoring isn’t just a trend, it’s an art. It combines craftsmanship with precision to create a suit that is truly unique.

Here are the fundamentals to be aware of regarding this exacting procedure.

1. Understanding Bespoke Suits

What sets bespoke suits apart from others? The answer lies in their creation process. Each piece is handcrafted by skilled bespoke tailors for one individual alone, ensuring unparalleled fit and personal style expression.

To achieve this level of customization, a new pattern is created based on at least 20 measurement points covering everything from shoulder width to ankle circumference. This ensures every aspect of your physique gets taken into account for the perfect fit – making each bespoke suit nothing short of sartorial perfection.

2. Bespoke vs Made-to-Measure Suits

Made-to-measure suits also offer superior fitting compared to off-the-rack pieces but they’re not quite in the same league as bespoke ones when it comes down to craftsmanship by respective suit tailors or timeline considerations.

In made-to-measure production standard-sized base patterns are adjusted according specific measurements while true bespoke involves creating completely original patterns designed around every nuance of your body shape and size. Also consider timeframes: generally speaking made-to-measure outfits might be completed within 8-10 weeks due less handwork required during construction phase whereas fully handmade ‘bespoke’ takes longer because perfection simply cannot be rushed.

3. Selecting Your Perfect Fit

Selecting the right bespoke tailor, however, demands careful consideration since not all craftsmen possess equal skills nor experience levels despite what their storefront signs may claim otherwise. Key factors include reputation quality workmanship ability understand fulfill clients’ requirements plus willingness provide guidance throughout entire journey commencing initial consultation ending final delivery date set upon completion contract agreement term duration. Remember decision could well mean difference between owning good great wardrobe addition so choose wisely.

Now let us turn our gaze across the pond where we’ll delve into Savile Row – The Heartbeat of British Tailoring.

Key Takeaway: 

Bespoke tailoring is an art that crafts one-of-a-kind suits with unparalleled fit and personal style. It’s a cut above made-to-measure, thanks to the creation of completely original patterns designed around every nuance of your body shape and size. But choose your tailor wisely – reputation, quality workmanship, understanding client needs and guidance throughout the process are crucial

Savile Row – The Heartbeat of British Tailoring

When it comes to bespoke tailoring, Savile Row in London’s Mayfair district is a name that stands head and shoulders above the rest. Savile Row in London’s Mayfair district is renowned as the birthplace of top-notch bespoke tailoring.

Gieves & Hawkes – A Legacy of Excellence

Gieves & Hawkes, a renowned establishment on this iconic row, sets an unmatched standard in men’s sartorial elegance. Their history stretches back to 1771, making them one of London’s oldest and most respected tailors.

Their garments are crafted with unparalleled quality and timeless style. It’s no wonder they’ve served royalty and celebrities over centuries.

Huntsman – Crafting Elegance Since 1849

Moving down the same cobblestone path brings us to Huntsman. They have built their reputation since 1849 through impeccable craftsmanship that resonates far beyond Britain’s borders.

A Huntsman suit encapsulates what makes British tailoring unique: precision cuts, high-quality materials, meticulous attention to detail, all combined into an embodiment of traditional British style. Wearing Huntsman isn’t just about fashion; it’s experiencing artistry at its finest.

These esteemed establishments continue setting standards that make Savile Row a cornerstone for those seeking top-notch bespoke suits made by skillful hands with sharp eyes – elements inherent to every reputable Savile Row tailor.

Owning such masterpieces highlights how these brands have permeated our collective consciousness when we think of ‘British Tailor’ or ‘British Tailoring’.

As we venture further into our exploration of world-class tailoring hotspots—Italy awaits next.

This country boasts numerous acclaimed designers whose creations perfectly blend formality with casualness without sacrificing sophistication—a signature trait captured flawlessly by Neapolitan Style Tailoring.

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Italian Mastery – Neapolitan Style Tailoring

Let’s talk about Italian tailoring, specifically the charm of Naples’ signature style. This is where sophistication and comfort coalesce into a unique blend that speaks volumes about your personal aesthetic.

Cesare Attolini – Pioneers of Neapolitan Tailoring

Naples has been an epicenter for top-notch tailors like Cesare Attolini. The influence they’ve had on the industry isn’t just significant; it’s revolutionary. They transformed the iconic Neapolitan silhouette, perfecting it to an unparalleled degree and showcasing it in a way that earned admiration from all around the world.

Their fully bespoke services aren’t merely offerings but rather opportunities for clients to have their clothing made exactly as they want while preserving the iconic aesthetics that make this brand stand out. In essence, every piece is tailored not just to fit you perfectly but also to express who you are in its design.

Antonio Liverano – Masters Of Florentine Elegance

We can’t discuss Italian tailoring without mentioning another titan: Antonio Liverano. While their base may be Florence instead of Naples, their dedication towards traditional craftsmanship aligns them with what makes Italian fashion so captivatingly distinct.

Liverano merges old-world techniques with modern sensibilities, creating garments as works of art in their own right. Each garment produced by Antonio Liverano tells a story—a narrative woven into each thread—that brings together elegance and precision into one harmonious creation.

In Italy—where sartorial excellence runs deep—these two houses have set themselves apart by mastering different styles: Cesare Attolini capturing quintessential Neapolitan style and Antonio Liverano embodying fine Florentine fashion design. It’s through these diverse approaches that we truly appreciate how multifaceted Italian tailoring can be.

Key Takeaway: 

Italian tailoring is a masterclass in elegance and personal expression. Naples’ Cesare Attolini revolutionized the industry with their refined Neapolitan cut, offering bespoke services that go beyond fit to encapsulate your individuality. Meanwhile, Florence’s Antonio Liverano merges tradition with modernity, crafting garments that narrate stories of precision and sophistication. Both houses showcase the

American Influence – New York City’s Diverse Tailor Scene

New York City, a vibrant hub of fashion and style, has always been the playground for traditional and modern tailor shops. It’s here where iconic names such as Michael Andrews Bespoke have carved out their reputation in the world of bespoke tailoring.

“New York is not just a city; it’s an entire diverse universe residing within Brooks Brothers’ creations.”

– A Notable Style Enthusiast

The essence of this statement lies in understanding that NYC isn’t merely about buildings or people – it’s also about timeless fashion that transcends generations.

Brooks Brothers – America’s Oldest Clothier

In the realm of American menswear, few names are as revered as Brooks Brothers. With its roots dating back to 1818, this stalwart has played an integral role in shaping men’s sartorial preferences across centuries.

They’ve consistently delivered high-quality clothing pieces with enduring appeal. In doing so, they’ve made their mark on countless wardrobes over time – truly living up to their title as America’s oldest clothier.

Michael Andrews Bespoke – Where Tradition Meets Innovation

“To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail.”
“Giorgio Armani”

This philosophy rings true at Michael Andrews Bespoke. Here you’ll find an amalgamation of tradition meeting innovation head-on with each stitch sewn into every garment they produce.

An award-winning custom menswear company known for both made-to-measure and fully bespoke services shows how innovation can breathe new life into age-old practices.

Now let us embark on our next journey across continents from East Coast USA to Asia — specifically Hong Kong. The bustling metropolis offers a unique fusion of British elegance combined with Italian flair reflected by globally recognized tailors like Ascot Chang.

Key Takeaway: 

New York City, the melting pot of fashion, is home to renowned tailors like Michael Andrews Bespoke and America’s oldest clothier, Brooks Brothers. They’ve shaped men’s style over centuries with a blend of tradition and innovation. Our next stop? Hong Kong – where British elegance meets Italian flair.

East Meets West: Hong Kong’s Unique Tailor Scene

In the center of Asia, there exists a tailoring landscape that stands apart from all other places. Hong Kong’s unique approach to bespoke fashion combines British elegance with Italian flair.

“Hong Kong is home to globally recognized names like Ascot Chang, where East meets West in sartorial harmony.”

This harmonious blend is not just an aesthetic choice but also a reflection of the city’s rich cultural history.

Ascot Chang: Crafting Perfection Since 1953

Since 1953, Ascot Chang has been synonymous with impeccable shirtmaking. The brand has expanded its services over time without compromising on quality or craftsmanship.

“At Ascot Chang, each garment speaks volumes about our expertise and dedication to perfection.”

Beyond their renowned shirts, Ascot Chang offers tailored suits crafted with precision. These pieces combine English-style cuts with Italian fabrics, showcasing their ability to seamlessly marry comfort and aesthetics.

Hong Kong: A Global Hub For Fusion Styles

Apart from being one of Asia’s most vibrant cities, Hong Kong is also a global hub for fusion styles in tailoring. Despite stiff competition among local artisans mastering various suit-making techniques under great masters themselves, Ascot Chang stands out in capturing this distinct style. Their craftsmanship shines even in the midst of a competitive environment within this bustling metropolis known for its diversity.

As we explore these global hotspots renowned for high-quality bespoke tailoring experiences, let’s now head Down Under to Sydney. Here, we will showcase Australia’s finest clothiers, each reflecting their own unique takes on adapting classic designs accordingly…

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Australia’s Finest: Sydney’s Top Tailors

Looking to make a statement with a tailored suit? The answer is simple: invest in bespoke tailoring. For the best in English-influenced tailoring, Sydney is home to some of Australia’s most renowned clothiers.

Here are three establishments that will ensure you avoid any fashion faux pas and elevate your wardrobe.

Bijan Bespoke

The first stop on our journey takes us to Bijan Bespoke. What sets Bijan apart? Their unwavering commitment to perfection, with each piece embodying timeless elegance and individuality.

At Bijan, you’ll find everything from classic business attire to contemporary fashion-forward pieces, all meticulously designed with attention to detail and a unique approach to English-inspired styles.

J.H Cutler

Your next destination should be none other than J.H Cutler, a testament to over 130 years of expertise as master tailors. This establishment prides itself on delivering impeccable service and unmatched quality, ensuring longevity in every stitch.

From fabric selection to final fittings, J.H Cutler exemplifies an unwavering dedication to excellence that sets them apart. If you value tradition in your choice of tailor, look no further.

P.Johnson Tailor

Last but certainly not least is P.Johnson Tailor, carving out a niche in Sydney’s tailoring industry by catering specifically to those who prefer lightweight tailored garments.

This establishment believes that comfortable clothing should never compromise style, exuding effortless chic in every garment they create.

Each of these tailors has forged their own path by focusing on specific aspects of craftsmanship while staying true to their roots. So whether you’re in search of top-notch suits or a custom-tailored piece just for you, remember these names because nothing compares to wearing something designed especially for you by one of Sydney’s finest artisans.

Key Takeaway: 

Want to make a sartorial statement? Sydney’s got you covered with its top-notch tailors, each offering their unique take on English-inspired styles. From Bijan Bespoke’s commitment to perfection and timeless elegance, J.H Cutler’s tradition-rooted excellence in every stitch, to P.Johnson Tailor’s blend of comfort and style – there is

FAQs in Relation to Best Tailors in the World

Who is the best tailor in the world?

The title of ‘best’ can be subjective, but Savile Row’s Gieves & Hawkes and Huntsman are globally renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship.

Which country has the best tailors in the world?

Both England and Italy are known worldwide for their high-quality tailoring, with London’s Savile Row and Naples leading respectively.

Who is the most famous seamstress in the world?

Rose Bertin, known as “the Minister of Fashion”, was a prominent French milliner who served Marie Antoinette. She is considered one of history’s most influential seamstresses.

Which country is famous for tailoring?

The United Kingdom, specifically London’s Savile Row, holds an esteemed reputation globally for its superior bespoke tailoring tradition.


Embarking on a global tour of tailoring, we have delved into the art and precision that defines bespoke suits.

We started in London’s Savile Row, the heartbeat of British tailoring, with masters like Gieves & Hawkes and Huntsman.

Moving on to Italy, we experienced Neapolitan style from Cesare Attolini and Florentine elegance by Antonio Liverano.

In New York City, Brooks Brothers’ legacy met modern innovation at Michael Andrews Bespoke.

Hong Kong offered us East meets West fusion styles by Ascot Chang, while Sydney showed off English-influenced styles.

In this journey around the world’s best tailors, you have gained an appreciation for craftsmanship across continents. At One Up Man (, our mission is to help guys get ahead in life – whether it’s through grooming tips or introducing them to top-notch suit makers globally. If you’re ready to step up your game – be it lifestyle or wardrobe – make sure to visit us often for more insightful articles like this one.

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