The Ultimate Ice Fishing Guide: Catching Fish Like a Boss

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Ice fishing is a primordially male entertainment. Nothing beats a fluttering fish in your hands that has just been pulled out from the water. In addition, the taste of a carp caught with his own hand is several times better than that of store products. What can we say about that relaxation, meditative relaxation, which gives the contemplation of endless nature, far from the bustle of the city? However, in order for winter fishing to bring maximum benefit and pleasure, you should competently approach the preparation.

Safety first

If you plan to fish alone, the thickness of the ice should be at least 6 cm, for a small group this figure reaches 10 cm.Represent fishermen who move in cars and snowmobiles should wait until the pond freezes by 30 cm. You should also have :

  • durable long cable;
  • skis – they are useful for going out on thin ice;
  • lifeguards – a pair of pins with handles, securely tied with a rope, should always be kept close at hand, they will be needed in an emergency.

It is not recommended to go out on the ice alone. It is desirable that other fishermen are within sight.

Warm set of clothes

When choosing clothes, pay attention to:

  • design features – the presence of a large number of pockets will be a plus;
  • material – give preference to moisture-resistant and non-rustling fabrics, be sure to evaluate the temperature range specified by the manufacturer, at which the owner is guaranteed comfort;
  • color – bright suits with reflectors are visible from afar in case of unforeseen situations.

Keep your shoes warm and comfortable. It is best to buy membrane-type models – such boots do not get wet and keep the temperature well. Also, don’t forget warm socks and gloves.

Echo sounders for ice fishing

When the reservoir is covered with a crust of ice, it is quite difficult to externally determine the relief, depth and fish stock. In such situations, an echo sounder will come to the rescue. Thanks to special equipment, you can drill a hole in places where fish accumulate. When choosing a fish finder for winter fishing, pay attention to the equipment’s resistance to low temperatures. It is also worth giving preference to compact models with low weight. The price of the echo sounder is quite low, while such an investment will definitely pay off with a rich catch.

We prepare winter gear

The rod handle must be made of non-heat-conducting materials (wood, foam, etc.), since it will be difficult to keep a metal or plastic surface in the cold. The line is better to take thin and strong to break. The best choice would be fluorocarbon gear. Among the advantages of such a fishing line are wear resistance and invisibility to fish.

What else is needed

Also for winter fishing you should take:

  • ice ax for drilling holes;
  • a box for tools, additional accessories and tackle;
  • winter tent – it will come in handy during long fishing;
  • a ladle for scooping ice and snow from the hole;
  • thermos with hot tea or coffee;
  • snack;
  • folding chair.

High-quality equipment and tackle is a guarantee not only of a good catch, but also of comfort and safety while fishing!

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