13 Habits That Will Improve Your Productivity And Health

Every person is different and everyone has different habits. Nevertheless, if you develop healthy habits, you can improve your productivity and health health. We will tell you how to do this in today’s article.

The importance of developing the ability to set goals

Goals can be big, small and even nearly unrealistic. When you set a goal, it’s important to understand what it’s for and how to achieve it. This character trait is not as easy to develop as it may seem at first glance. It may take a few months before setting goals becomes a habit.  Don’t try to achieve ambitious goals right away. You need to work towards them gradually, and this too will become a habit over time.

Getting up at the same time

It is good for your circadian rhythm to wake up at the same time. This regime will make you feel awake, productive and energetic.

Morning shapes the day.

It’s important to start your day with a positive attitude and kindness. Mornings are a big part of what the rest of the day looks like. 

Plans for the evening

Make a habit of making plans for the evening. Evening leisure activities can include a walk outdoors, reading an interesting book, or doing something else that makes you feel good.

Daily walks

Daily walks of at least 30 minutes will benefit your health. Additionally, meditation experts say that the sound of your own footsteps will ward off unpleasant soaps and help relieve stress. 

Greens in your diet

Try to eat more green vegetables and greens with every meal. They contain many health-promoting elements.

Aromatherapy for stress relief

Aromatherapy has been used for a long time to improve well-being and relieve stress. It’s not just important to choose essential oils according to their intended use. They have to please you and not be intrusive.

Nature therapy

To alleviate anxiety and stress, you should spend more time in the woods. The Japanese have a method called ‘Bathing in the Woods’. It consists of being in touch with nature by being surrounded by trees, distracting oneself from problems and concentrating on the 5 senses of perception. It is advisable to do this therapy for at least 10 minutes daily. 

Get some fresh air every day

Fresh air is energising, improves circulation and concentration. It is recommended to have at least 15 minutes of fresh air a day.

Diaphragmatic breathing technique

This technique involves breathing in deeply. Breathe in through the nose 4 times (inflating the stomach), and then exhale with a sound (deflating and tightening the stomach).

So, repeat 4 times. 

Diaphragmatic breathing optimises cognitive function and helps reduce feelings of anxiety. 

Sip for ten minutes every day.

Stretching restores and strengthens muscle tissues. They are especially important for those who work at a computer. 

Clean the house or the workplace daily

Doing a small amount of cleaning at home or at the workplace on a daily basis helps to save a lot of time during the general cleaning. In this way, you can relieve the weekend from household chores.

Morning notes

Before you start your work day, write down your thoughts on paper. With this technique you can get rid of psychological overload.

Ten minutes of silence

It is good for mental health to do ten minutes of silence a day. The brain will be able to relax and do a ‘reset’.

As you can see, the listed skills are not supernatural, every person can develop them. The main thing is persistence, and luck is bound to smile. 

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