Vegan or Vegetarian: Whose Day We Celebrate On November 1

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November 1st is a day that holds special significance for many people around the world. It is a day that is celebrated by both vegans and vegetarians, who come together to recognize and promote the benefits of plant-based diets. While the two lifestyles share many similarities, there are also key differences between them. Vegans avoid all animal products, including meat, dairy, eggs, and honey, while vegetarians may consume some animal products such as dairy and eggs. Both groups have their own reasons for choosing to follow a plant-based diet, whether it is for ethical, environmental, or health reasons. In this article, we will take a closer look at the history and significance of November 1st for vegans and vegetarians, as well as explore the benefits and challenges of following a plant-based diet. Whether you are a committed vegan or vegetarian, or simply curious about the lifestyle, this article will provide valuable insights into this growing movement.

Vegans and vegetarians: what’s the difference?

Vegans and vegetarians are constantly confused by similar names. However, there is a difference between the two, and it is an important one. Broadly speaking, vegetarians can eat anything except meat, poultry and fish in any form. Milk, eggs and honey are allowed on their menu. There are several branches within vegetarianism: lacto-vegetarians eat only milk and dairy products, ovo-vegetarians eat only eggs, and lacto-ovo-vegetarians eat all of the above.

Veganism involves a plant-based diet only – animal products are not allowed, with milk, eggs, gelatin, honey and all products with these ingredients falling under strict taboo. At first it seems that a vegan diet cannot be very varied, because of such severe restrictions. But time goes on. More and more people are choosing this way of looking at the world, and veganism is certainly not just a type of diet but also a way of life. That’s why the range of vegan products in our shops is constantly growing.

What to choose from a vegan menu?

In fact, there are many substitutes for the usual meat, chocolate, cheese and even honey! Alternative milk – almond milk, oat milk, coconut milk, soya milk – has long since squeezed out the familiar cow’s milk. Many people find plant-based milk even tastier and lighter. Lactose intolerant people are not the only ones who use it in their coffee or cereal; a burger with a plant-based patty is no longer a gimmick, even meat eaters like it.

Vegans eat meat, but not soy. Milled soy beans are used to make minced meat, goulash, beef stroganoff, and schnitzel. After buying such a product, it needs to be refilled with water, spices added to taste and cooked like regular meat.

Do you want a tasty snack? Bread made from corn or amaranth flour with various healthy additives – topinambur, kelp or sesame seeds – are perfect for a snack. There are also dessert versions with apple, cinnamon and lemon. Spread them with coconut paste or apricot urbeche – that’s dessert for tea.

Delicious and original vegan dishes

The vegan table is rich and varied. The light version of gratin, familiar to everyone, is more delicate and original: simply replace the cream with coconut milk. It adds subtle sweetness and new flavors. Buckwheat noodles offer plenty of room for experimentation: they can be combined with fermented vegetables and oily avocado – very original, tasty and healthy. And lentils, chickpeas or peas can be the basis for an unconventional pastry. It’s a time-consuming dish, but everyone will appreciate the taste.

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