Tips for Workaholics in Love: Balancing Relationships and Busy Schedules

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In today’s fast-paced world, finding a balance between work and personal life can be a daunting task. Many people find themselves struggling to maintain healthy relationships while keeping up with the demands of their busy schedules. Balancing relationships and busy schedules can be especially challenging for workaholics, who often prioritize their work over their personal life. However, neglecting your relationships can have negative consequences on your mental health and overall well-being. In this article, we’ll explore some practical tips to help you strike a balance between your busy schedule and your relationships.

Lucky for those who are on their own. Carving extra time for someone when there is a sore lack of it for yourself is not an easy task. It all starts corny – dinners at a restaurant postponed for an hour or two, canceled visits to the cinema and theater. Over time, all the attributes of a romantic relationship come down to the extremely limited leisure of two tired people in front of the screen with the next series from Netflix, who are vying with each other to type something on their device.

So that one day not to forget about your partner completely, thereby offending them to the core, take a look at our tips for workaholics in love.


At the best of times, in order to shorten the working day a little or not show up at all, one could come up with family circumstances that are difficult to dispute even to the harsh bosses. But the change in alignment of forces is now playing not at all in favor of the relationship. Canceling long-planned events, meetings, and even guests under the pretext of piled-up tasks is bad form. Any work (even the most important) can be done early the next day or late at night.


If you decide to tackle the quality parameters of your relationship, then you should not cheat. No peeping at dinner alerts, no escaping hotel lobby with laptop on public trips, and no other workaholic pranks. Beat yourself on the hands in such moments, do not annoy your partner.


Try to build your life schedules so that the night time coincides with you. Of course, there are nuances and completely tragic situations when partners exist day and night in parallel universes. But still, for a loved one, at least too early or too late rises can be corrected. Start on the weekend, don’t run out of bed like a scalded one, and lie around longer.


Even when you are not physically close, you can remind yourself in an original way. Put a mini-present or a note in your partner’s pocket that they will only find on the way to work. Or order delivery of something very personal that only really close people could guess. Simple and sweet gestures are real saviors for those who feel a fading connection. Leave soulless chats for your favorite colleagues.

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