The Benefits of Sea Salt

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Sea salt is known for its beneficial properties, it consists not only of sodium chloride, but also small doses of iodine, potassium, magnesium and other substances. It is this salt that makes the water in the sea salty. And it is it that has been mined by evaporating sea water under the hot sun for more than one millennium.

What is useful in sea salt

Trace elements enter our digestive tract with crystals of sea salt, but their amount is insignificant, therefore only regular use can lead to a positive effect on the body. At the same time, iodized salt is much more useful, especially for people living in iodine-deficient areas (and sea salt can also be iodized). The use of sea salt has become very fashionable. Some gourmets claim that it tastes better than salt extracted from mines (rock salt). Numerous polls and studies have shown that people prefer sea salt because they believe it has “less sodium”. In fact, sea salt is considered more useful than rock salt, thanks to the presence of trace elements.

How sea salt is used

Sea salt has exactly the same purpose as rock salt. Large crystals of sea salt slowly melt on the tongue, giving salads and other dishes a flavor. For homemade preparations, it is believed that sea salt is less suitable – after all, it contains iodine, but for preservation it is not very good. Many people note that homemade preparations with sea salt are “softer” and do not have the taste that they should. At the same time, other culinary experts believe that the point may not be in salt, but in the inability to preserve. However, everyone agrees that it is definitely impossible to use colored sea salt for canning: basically, the color of such salt is due to clay and algae, which does not contribute to sterility.

Sea salt is very popular as a bath agent, for nail and hair care, and as a component of scrubs. Sea salt, dissolved in water, is recommended to rinse the nose for colds and gargle. However, in the absence of sea salt, for these purposes, you can do with simple table salt.

Why sea salt is so popular

Traditionally, sea salt is believed to carry all the benefits of sea water. At the same time, sea salt owes much of its popularity to the excellent work of marketers and romantic consumers. Of course, salt food with sea salt is much more interesting: mermaids, the sea king, the secrets of the ocean and all that. That there is one “flower of salt” – salt crystals, collected by hand on the ocean coast of France. Story! Ordinary table salt seems so mundane against this background. Also, sea salt is often sold in the form of mixtures with herbs, pepper, garlic, lemon zest, colored with wine, flavored with lavender, dill and even truffles. Who can resist such beauty?

On the other hand, this should please: those who prefer sea salt are not alien to aesthetics and craving for beauty. But you need to keep in mind that sea salt is not food, but a seasoning, and try to comply with the daily consumption rates of this product recommended by experts. Trace elements need to be obtained not only and not so much from salt, but from fruits, meat and vegetables. And sea salt, if you really like it so much, let it be: it is quite suitable for adding salt to ready-made dishes.

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