What Is Green Buckwheat And How Do You Eat It?

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Green buckwheat is an ordinary buckwheat that has been naturally dried. This is why their color retains its natural yellowish-green color, not the brown color that you get after heat treatment.

The connoisseurs are convinced that only sprouted buckwheat can be healthier than raw green buckwheat. It turns out that sprouted green buckwheat is an important component of the diet of every self-respecting raw-eater. This is what my friend Katya, an avid lover of all things fried and steamed, told me about it, a keen cheese-eater with 20 years of experience.

– You have no idea how healthy and delicious sprouts are! – She raved. – It is a very special food, a complete living organism, which is in the stage of maximum vitality! At least try to add them to a salad and you will see how much more active you are!

Green Buckwheat Steroids believe that the dormant powers of seeds come to life during germination and unleash their enormous potential. At this time, dramatic changes occur in the seeds: inhibitors (substances that inhibit chemical reactions) are destroyed, proteins are converted to amino acids, starch to malt sugar, and fats to fatty acids. Roughly the same thing happens when digesting food in our bodies. It turns out that when we eat sprouts, we free ourselves from unnecessary work.

Sprouts are believed to be the most enzyme-rich food on the planet. The fact is that enzymes break down when heated, so there are no enzymes in our usual foods (boiled, fried, stewed, baked), and we eat few raw fruits and vegetables. Our gastrointestinal tract works with an overload during all our life, because of which nutrients, vitamins and microelements assimilate less with age, the immunity decreases, diseases occur more often and, as a result, we get old quicker. By consuming sprouts, all of this can be avoided.

Sprouting green buckwheat at home was not difficult at all. I followed the instructions from the package. First, I soaked a portion of the groats in a little water. By the way, it is better not to use a deep, but a wide and flat dish, so as to provide the maximum access of oxygen to the sprouts. After 6 hours, the buckwheat has almost absorbed all the water.

From the grits came out the mucus, which I, following the recommendations, washed under running water. Then I put the wet, slightly swollen groats in the kitchen in a warm place near the stove and stirred periodically. In about 15 hours the seeds sprouted. It is believed that the most delicious buckwheat – with sprouts length of 1-3 mm. That’s how I tasted them. Curious – a little nutty flavor and fairly dense consistency.

I added the sprouts to a salad of fresh tomatoes and greens, seasoning it with olive oil. The sprouted buckwheat grains didn’t spoil it at all, just added originality. However, I have not felt the magic effect of sprouts yet. But Katya advises not to despair – the first time it works for very few people.

But my youngest son is a miracle-salad flatly refused – said that the buckwheat sprouts remind him of ugly worms. Well, yes, indeed – it does look a little bit like that.

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