How To Ask For A Raise

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If you think you deserve a higher salary, it can be nerve-wracking to ask for a raise. However, there are certain steps you can take to increase your chances of success. Firstly, research your company’s policies on salary increases and gather data on industry averages for your job role. Next, prepare a list of your accomplishments and contributions to the company, as well as any additional responsibilities you have taken on. When you meet with your boss, be confident and professional, and make your case for why you deserve a raise. Be willing to negotiate and come to a compromise if necessary, and don’t let a rejection discourage you from continuing to work hard and seek opportunities for growth within the company.

In such an economically unstable time as now, it is even a little embarrassing to ask for a raise – this is also an automatic increase in income and opportunities. Nevertheless, taking into account the constant rise in prices and, conversely, the shortage of personnel, you can turn the current situation in your favor. And go for the desired position (or increase in monetary reward) without fear and reproach.


Make time

Having conceived a race to increase, evaluate how the company is doing. If the performance does not drop tragically, but you know for sure about yourself that it is effective and productive, then you can begin to think over the ways of attack. Next time frames to consider are closing the block (or completing a project) to visualize your strengths, and of course the mood of the person you’re asking. A sensitive employee, sufficiently involved in the affairs of the company, should feel good about his leader. All your arguments can run into a cold iceberg of indifference if you choose the wrong moment.

Purely statistical

Feel the market, compare the level of wages in different companies, evaluate different conditions. Any request should be balanced: do not be shy and do not ask for too much. Even if your feelings about the future promotion do not coincide with the verdict of a higher one on the career ladder, you can always use the information you have collected and throw fishing rods at the company that will be more generous to you.

Show yourself in the best light

Perhaps no one doubts your outstanding abilities and original (but extremely effective) ways of working. It is worth showing that you are well aware of these benefits. Try to connect your imagination: a set of standard qualities is already disgusting to everyone, here you need to play big. Your qualities as a specialist should fit like a puzzle with the needs of the company, complement each other.

Wipe the doubt off your face

The most reinforced concrete arguments and strong arguments can fade if they are conveyed in a shaky voice and constantly questioning intonation. Practice yes answers, work out tricky questions, and stake out your case. The conversation should not become pleas for help or, conversely, an expressive monolog of a misunderstood artist. Only dry facts, confidence and willingness to work out any objections (of course, with the help of data and facts).

Be brief

Overdoing it by praising yourself is not the most solid foundation for further conversation. We are sure that you have a lot of good qualities, but you need to remember only those that coincide with the needs of the company and the tasks entrusted to you. Focus on them, lyrical digressions can be arranged in a more informal conversation.

Prepare your escape routes

Yes, you can be denied. And justify it with completely different (and sometimes far-fetched) pretexts. These are the rules of the game, so take no with pride and grace. You can ask in which direction it is worth heading in order to return to this conversation in the future, while showing healthy enthusiasm. If the answer was “maybe”, try to politely find out: when and under what conditions it will be possible to return to the question.

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