How To Find Lost Motivation: 18 Unconventional Ways To Enjoy Your Work

Everyone has experienced a loss of motivation at least once. It seems that work is no longer bringing anything good and you continue to go to the office by inertia. Here are 18 effective ways how to find lost motivation and start working even more efficiently.

Career takes a huge place in our life. After all, this is an opportunity to earn money, realize yourself as a professional, communicate, discover your creative sides. All this is very important for every person. But sometimes even the work you love can lose its attractiveness. To get your motivation back, try the following methods.

1. Simplify

Do not take work as a heavy duty. Try to think of her as something easy and feasible. No, we are not suggesting that you be negligent in your duties. Just don’t take it too seriously and globally. Every day, highlight small steps, short stages, which will be easy for you to overcome. This way you will see that you are doing great overall.

2. Don’t forget about health

If, due to work, you cannot sleep or have a chronic illness, of course it will not bring the same joy. Therefore, always think about health first, and only then about service. Do not overwork, get enough sleep, and never ignore the first symptoms of ailments.

3. Surround yourself with comfort

When you return to a cozy, well-furnished home, where every little thing pleases the eye and makes your life easier, then it’s easier to start appreciating the work. After all, it is she who gives you the funds to decorate and improve your home. Invest in your native nest, and you will notice how quickly and easily the right environment recovers strength even after the most stressful working day.

4. Think about family

It doesn’t matter if you already have a family, or are you just wondering if you want to create one in the future – financial stability will definitely not be superfluous. Especially if you want a lot of children. In order to provide them with a decent life, you need to have a stable job. If yours brings in a good income, this is already a good reason not to quit.

5. Invest your soul

It is very important to work with pleasure and full dedication. This is an interconnected process: when you put your heart and soul into performing even the most commonplace duties, you begin to appreciate the result more. And a good result motivates you to invest even more next time. If earlier a career brought positive emotions, but now it does not, remember what it was connected with. Analyze what has changed and made you disappointed. Perhaps you will bring back old ones or find new reasons to love work. If you cannot single out anything that would resonate in your soul, maybe this is simply not your calling?

6. Rest properly

Lying mindlessly on the couch is unlikely to motivate you to do productive work. But new hobbies, skills and impressions will definitely awaken the excitement for conquering new career heights. Therefore, go back to old hobbies or look for new ones, travel more and try to always alternate passive rest with active.

7. Visualize

If you are exhausted by a difficult project that does not see the end-edge, do not rush to give up everything. Imagine that you have already finished it. Draw in detail in your imagination the moment of your triumph and all the bonuses that it will bring. Emotionally experiencing success will help open up a second wind.

8. Take an example

From those who have already reached the heights in this area that you dream of. Or simply from successful extraordinary personalities. Let motivation flow continuously to all senses: read books, watch videos, listen to podcasts, go to events of interesting people and communicate with them in person. Someone else’s experience in overcoming difficulties and achieving triumph will inspire you to move on. In addition, you will learn a lot of useful secrets for yourself that will help you to work more successfully.

9. Pause

If you have no strength left at all, it is pointless to torture yourself and try to work at the same pace. Sometimes the best thing is to just stop, take a break. Switch your attention to other activities or do nothing at all for a while. However, it is important not to delay here. Taking too long a break can finish off the last vestiges of motivation. But short pauses are not just acceptable, they are necessary.

10. Focus on colleagues

If there is someone in the team whom you can kindly envy, that’s even good. A more efficient, active colleague who always brings projects to perfection will become your motivator. Try to surpass this person, achieve the best result. The easy spirit of competition has not hurt anyone yet.

11. Take away unnecessary

Sometimes it just seems to you that the motivation is gone. But in fact, you are simply distracted from work by various factors: social networks, constant calls, messages, unnecessary items on the table, obsessive thoughts. Remove all irritants, at least for a short time, and you will see that you have started to work much more productively.

12. Share your plans

If only you know about an important plan, there is a risk of breaking loose, not keeping the promise you made to yourself. To avoid this for sure, tell as many people as possible about your goal. Firstly, you will be supported, and this is also a good charge of motivation. Secondly, the more people believe in you, the worse it will be to let them down. And you will see it through to the end.

13. Draw a plan

A detailed script, checklist, diagram on paper or in an appendix – anything that will allow you to more clearly visualize the goal and determine the sequence of steps towards it. So you will see all the stages and not get confused in them. You will also have fun noting each completed task.

14. Reload your brain

If it is literally boiling, a good option is to sleep. Not to oversleep everything, of course, but take a little nap. A regular 15-minute nap can be awesome to invigorate, energize, and help you collect your thoughts. Do you experience burnout often? The next time you get the opportunity to get some sleep at lunchtime, don’t give it up.

15. Create the right conditions

Everyone has their own ideal working environment. Someone prefers to work in complete silence and twilight, someone needs music and bright light. Some people value minimalism, while others need a lot of beautiful details on the work surface. If you don’t know how convenient it is for you, try different conditions. If possible, modernize your workplace, make it as comfortable and attractive as possible. If you need the assistance of your superiors, do not hesitate to ask. Adequate management will willingly meet the employee halfway in order to increase his efficiency.

16. Thoughts positively

In both your career and your daily life, negative thoughts should be avoided. They take away energy and such important self-confidence. Try to think in a positive way, to see something good in everything. If you can’t find a suitable positive example around, create it yourself. Fill your everyday life with new pleasant acquaintances, events, activities. Surround yourself with the good, and there will simply be no room for the bad.

17. Reward yourself

Come up with a reward for each completed task. Let it be something small. That you can easily organize even daily. For example, a cup of coffee in your favorite coffee shop, a bike ride, an episode of your favorite TV series. And for more global accomplishments, prepare more serious motivation: buy what you have dreamed of for a long time, or go on a trip. It is much more pleasant to work knowing that for this you are guaranteed to receive not only a standard monetary reward, but also fresh bright emotions.

18. Plan your day

There is nothing worse than a poorly organized work schedule. When you grab onto everything at once, it’s hard to do something really good. Therefore, plan all your affairs, set aside a certain period of time for each and do not forget about the necessary breaks. And every evening, strictly at the appointed hour, leave work and start recuperating. Overworking doesn’t motivate anyone.

All of these methods are good in their own way. But none of them guarantees a result if oppressive bosses, an unhealthy atmosphere in the team interfere with your work; the salary does not correspond to the effort expended, or you simply do not like the business you are doing.

Do not look at the prestige of the position, but think first of all about yourself. Are the working conditions at this place decent, do they value you as an employee? And, most importantly, what do you want to do for a living at all? Yes, sometimes burnout is a sign that you need to take a vacation or rethink your daily habits a little. But often this turns out to be a signal that it is time to change something more globally.

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