Unveiling the Qualities of an Good Leader

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Have you ever encountered a truly good leader? What sets apart those leaders who are universally respected from those who are disliked or even hated? Unlocking the secrets of becoming a successful and universally respected leader is within reach for any department head, no matter how ordinary.

“We are one.”

An effective manager is often described as someone who can guide their subordinates towards the right goal and coordinate their actions to achieve it. As the saying goes, “A leader lifts us up, provides us with a dream, a goal, and the strength to pursue it.” A wise leader ensures that people feel like essential and valued members of the team, integral to moving forward towards a common objective.

What to do: Foster closeness with your team. Encourage and inspire them. Appeal to their sense of self-importance. However, it is important to maintain a balance and not become overly friendly. A leader must command authority.

“I am the communicator.”

Managing a team requires setting clear goals and effectively communicating them to subordinates. A leader must possess strong communication skills to maintain constant, fruitful interaction with employees. Openness and directness are vital qualities in this regard. A leader should excel in negotiation, public speaking, and persuasive abilities. Through effective communication, they can support the entire team as well as individual members.

What to do: Emphasize communication at all levels. Learn to truly see and understand the individuals you are talking to. Consider taking a communication skills training course to further develop this essential skill.

“I accept responsibility.”

One of the most critical aspects a leader must remember is their responsibility for the path they lead their team on. A wise leader possesses a strong sense of morality and responsibility. As a leader, they serve as a role model.

Therefore, they must be fully aware of the moral and ethical standards they instill in the team. Leadership based on integrity involves a set of concepts and principles that gradually become ingrained in the collective, shaping the overall structure of the relationships among team members. If a leader prioritizes personal interests, it hampers interaction with subordinates, who will eventually adopt the same behavioral patterns.

What to do: Imagine your subordinates as your own children. Always be guided by this notion in your actions and decision-making.

“Enthusiasm is our strength.”

We are naturally drawn to leaders who display genuine interest in what they do. We crave leaders who approach challenges with enthusiasm and a practical mindset. We want to feel like participants in an exciting journey, rather than mere clerks buried in mundane office tasks. An energetic leader achieves goals with their enthusiasm and optimism. They exude confidence and possess the ability to energize the entire team. Enthusiasm is contagious, and a smart leader understands this.

What to do: Demonstrate to your subordinates that you wholeheartedly invest yourself in your work. Infect them with your passion and share compelling ideas. Provide them with engaging tasks. And if a task seems uninteresting, brainstorm ways to make it more engaging.

“I see the person in you.”

What sets empathy apart from sympathy? While the words are similar, they have distinct meanings. Sympathy implies benevolent feelings towards an object, with little consideration for the individual’s experiences and reality.

Empathy, on the other hand, involves recognizing each person as a unique individual with their own thoughts, emotions, and reality. In essence, empathy is intelligent empathy. As one employee aptly put it, “It’s comforting when a manager acknowledges that each of their subordinates has a life beyond the office.”

What to do: Cultivate kindness. If you have held the belief that most people are mediocre and primitive, solely interested in leisure, it’s essential to transform your mindset. Subordinates need to perceive your every word

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